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Wrist Bracelet with Accelerometer and Gyro

by Al Markočič on May 09, 2017

We developed a pre-prototype bracelet device for measuring a person's tiredness.

Access Control using iButtons

by Al Markočič on Apr 20, 2017

We developed access control hardware with mobile data synchronization using iButtons.

Lumu Power - Light Meter for the Future

by Grega Bernot on Sep 06, 2016

Rapid development of a Kickstarter success story.

Developing a Touchscreen Wall Terminal

by Marko Jankovec on May 21, 2016

We developed an enterprise-grade wall terminal for a well-known international company.

Bringing to life a Custom-developed Linux Board

by Martin Tramšak on May 07, 2016

We helped an R&D company booting a freshly developed custom Linux board.

Local Indoor Positioning System - from scratch!

by Grega Bernot on Apr 18, 2016

We developed a Local Indoor Positioning System including RTLS algorithms.

System of Wireless Battery-powered Pagers

by Grega Bernot on Mar 15, 2016

We developed a system of wireless battery-powered pagers for restaurants.

Luxsmart - The Smart House System

by Marko Jankovec on Mar 03, 2016

A students' hobby project that evolved into a commercial product.